Garifuna Community Mural in Roatán

In collaboration with the Volunteer Pediatric Clinic we will be painting this 50 ft long outdoor mural consisting of 7 individual panels with local kids at the General Hospital Roatán in March 2015.

The design was developed together with the local hospital team and shows activities of local children in their neighborhood. The first panel shows a boy exploring the colorful coral reefs - they are one of the most amazing and ancient natural formations on the planet. Appreciating the marine wildlife, he is swimming with sea turtles and dolphins in the clear water.

In the middle section the team decided to show the culture and traditions of the Garifuna community, the Punta dance, music & drums and of course someone blowing a conch shell - This cannot be left out.

We discussed plant and wildlife with local experts to portrait an accurate representation: the loro parrot, a monkey lala lizard, some native medical plants as wells as fruits.

The last panel will actually go around the corner to the busy main road and shows a girl playing hide and seek with friends in the neighborhood of Coxen Hole where the hospital is located.