First Panel Funded for Honduras Mural - Let's get the next one!

What greater news to start the New Year with?

Thank you all for getting us this far! With this important milestone the project itself is secured now: Starting on March 2nd our team will begin the painting of this mural with the community in Roatán - I just gave the 'go ahead' and our team members are booking their flights as we speak...

This panel was also the most expensive one as it contained much of the overall project costs such as travel expenses & equipment. From here on every $1,100 will pay for another beautiful panel which will complete the whole 50ft mural, consisting of 7 panels in total. So let's continue to spread the word about this project - not just so that Coxen Hole can enjoy the full design for many years to come but to also make sure the local kids will have enough opportunity to explore & develop their creative side.

I'd also like to give a special Thank You to our first Corporate Donor "DemandGen" ( Not only did they make a major contribution (Perk: "Donate & Dedicate Whole Panel") but they are also discussing details with us right now to potentially even support us with some employee volunteering hours on site in Honduras!

Finally I'd like to close by thanking all donors again, for taking the time during the busy Holidays and funding this important first panel even earlier than we anticipated - Allowing us all to fully dedicate ourselves in the New Year to building the funding for the remaining 6 panels. Please continue to spread the word and share this exciting project with all your friends & colleagues to keep this momentum going!

Link to the fundraising page for this project on Indiegogo: