2nd Panel Funded - 5 more to go now!

I'm happy to begin updating you on the progress of this project by sharing the good news that we just reached the next milestone which will fund the 2nd panel. Now we have 35 days left to raise the remaining $5,500 for the last 5 panels.

Our lead artist Bianca began collaborating with a local paint store in Coxen Hole to order all the paints and supplies that will be needed on site. In parallel we're now reaching out to schools & other organizations in Roatán to schedule who will be painting when in March. The members of the project team have also booked their flights, coming from Germany and the US.

Thank you all for getting us this far! However there is still some work to be done... So please help us to continue spreading the word so that hopefully all 7 panels will be funded by February 15.

Find this fundraiser on Indiegogo: