CULTIVATIVE brings American artists to Stavenhagen

Mosaic sculptor Wes Horn and community muralist Bianca Nandzik will come all the way from the United States to Germany to create a mosaic with the community at the marketplace in Stavenhagen.

Nandzik met Horn at the 15th Biennial Conference "The Art of Community Building" of the Community Built Association in Davis, California. The conference brought city planners, architects and public artists together to exchange experiences and to network. At the same time, the participants had the opportunity to work on community art projects in Davis. During the conference, a 65-foot long bicycle tunnel, three benches and an intersection painting were created Downtown. The artists were able to expand their repertoire of techniques with materials such as terrazzo, concrete and mosaic.

The idea for an international collaboration evolved when the two artists realized that the term "community" is not limited to a specific group, but should rather describe a universal community. Nandzik welcomes the cooperation as a great opportunity: "We are creating a symbiosis between mosaic and mural painting. We combine not only our disciplines. At the same time, this cooperation provides an unique chance for an intercultural dialogue, in which the participants can actively engage with the American culture." For Horn, the cultural encounter is an important aspect as well: "My family is originally from Germany. My father grew up in Hamburg. This project brings me one step closer to discover my German roots and will strengthen the cultural exchange between our countries."